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Dive Sites

Sport Divers will love the incredible diversity of marine life here in New Brunswick, and underwater photographers will have an unlimited supply of macro subjects. From the incredible Atlantic Wolf Fish, to the many lobsters that roam the bottom.. there is something to delight everyone. There are fish like the Ocean Pout, Lump Fish, Rose Fish, Rock Fish and Spiny Lumpsuckers. There are areas of Soft Red Coral carpeting the bottom, where Basket Stars spread their arms to feed on the constant flow of nutrients.


Fresh water diving has benefits!  We have numerous sites near the Fredericton area and these are excellent for getting much needed bottom time, checking out equipment, training and practising skills, scrounging for artifacts and history, sturgeon diving, or just a lazy drift dive in "warmer" summer water.  Some divers use the sites as a great fresh-water-rinse on just-ocean-dived gear.  Whatever your reason, don't overlook these great site options.

Fresh Water Site Descriptions (Coming Soon!)



Canadian Tide Tables - Bay of Fundy (Zone 32) ** For Deer Island times, use the Fairehaven or Eastport tables, and watch the water!

The Bay of Fundy offers the most variety and density of marine life near areas like the southern point of Deer Island and Casco Bay Island. These sites are subjected to extremely strong current during the moving of the tides, so caution is required by divers in these areas, and inexperienced divers must go with a local dive buddy or guide to avoid problems.

New Brunswick mainland sites such as New River Beach and Beaver Harbour do not have near the mass of colour and density, but still offer divers an excellent sampling and underwater photography opportunities. These sites are also desired for their more "gentle" pull as the massive Bay of Fundy tides are moving, and are frequently used for student diver check-out dives.

Marine Forecast - Maritimes Grand Manan (Bay of Fundy)

New River Beach (Fundy Shore)

A popular site for a "quick easy dive" has been New River Beach, as it is close to Saint John and even a reasonable drive from Fredericton. It is not deep (~20ish fsw at high tide), and an easy entry so used frequently by divers practicing skills. In 2014, the Artificial Reef Society of NB has placed the initial reef blocks for "Reid's Reef".  This site is particularly suseptible to poor visibility following heavy rain or high wind. This is also a provincial park with overnight camping.

Beaver Harbour (Fundy Shore)

Beaver Harbour has long been a favourite of divers across central and southern NB. It often has better visibility than the other Fundy Shore sites but with high wind from any exposure other than Westerly it can blow out or have strong surge making entry difficult. It can only be accessed by crossing private land now though, so access may become blocked in future years. For now, the owners have tolerated divers using the private road to access the beaches for diving.

Wallace Cove, Blacks Harbour (Fundy Shore)

Wallace Cove (Black's Harbour) is near the Grand Manan ferry terminal so can even be a planned dive while waiting for the ferry! Often the visibility is poor here though, unfortunate as the site seems to attract a number of marine critters and it can be quite an interesting dive.


Dive sites on Deer Island should only be attempted by Advanced level and experienced divers.  The extreme tidal range combined with the deep walls around the southern tip of the island, result in dangerously strong currents.  Contact COJO for questions on the best times to dive these sites.  The information provided on this site is for reference only, and does not take the place of having the proper training, experience, gear, and good judgement.

COJO has certified professional Dive Masters for Guided Dive services, Contact Us for details!

Deer Island "Short" Drift

This is an Advanced Dive.  The Short Drift starts behind the Campground Washrooms, following the shoreline for a sandy beach exit just before the Lighthouse.  This dive is typically dove between 50-60 fsw, and typical duration is about 30min.  Entry for the dive should only be done 1-2 hours prior to low slack tide.  It is a very interesting rocky bottom with hidden crevices, critters vary from many nudibranch species to Wolf Fish.

Deer Island "Point"

This is an Advanced Dive.  The Point Dive entry point is to the right of the lighthouse, follow the marked path down to the water edge.  Preferably this site is dove on the High Slack tide for ease of entry, but it can also be dove at low Slack tide (crossing the rocks is very slippery!).  The wall drops off quickly and can reach depths exceeding 200 fsw.  It is an extremely interesting wall dive, full of life and generously covered with anemones.  An interesting feature is a wall section locally known as the "Three Fingers", divers can ascend the wall surrounded on three sides with gorgeous marine life!

Deer Island "Customs Cancat"

The Customs/Cancat Dive is an Advanced Dive, but Open Water divers will enjoy this dive once they are comfortable to navigate to the shallow wall.  The wall starts at ~20 fsw, and gradually descends to about 50 fsw.  This site is most typically dove on the Low Slack tide.  We do not recommend attempting this site at High Slack tide, as the current tends to be unpredictable.  Divers familiar with the site may continue to deeper walls that are 60-70 fsw.  Dive time varies with the slack for the site, but typical dive times would be 30-45min.  This is an extremely interesting dive, with many nudibranch species, large lobsters, ocean pout, lumpfish, spiny lumpsuckers.  Also soft corals and Atlantic Wolf Fish.  Juveniles are often found in the shallow water, watch for juvenile lumpfish and pout.

Eastport (Maine, USA)

We dive Eastport ME often enough to consider it a "local" dive site.  During the summer (approx mid-June to mid-Sep) it is possible to take a ferry from Deer Island over to Eastport (there is a small fee for this ferry).  Off-season, one must drive through St.Stephen/Calais.  There are a few sites to dive, but the most popular has to be the "Old Pier" site off Sea Street.  This site can only be dove on slack tide, this is important! 

Grand Manan Pettes Cove

Pettes Cove is a very accessible shore dive site on Grand Manan, which is a beautiful island in the Bay of Fundy rich in scenery and maritime history. Shore scuba diving is limited to a few quiet coves, there is no charter service on the island to access any of the historical shipwreck sites.  For non-divers, the island boasts a number of hiking trails, whale watching, and other activities.


Northern New Brunswick

Canadian Tide Tables - Bay of Chaleur (Zone 3)

Atlas Park

Atlas Park is located in Pointe-Verte NB, and is the only scuba diving park in the Maritimes. The Park is built around a flooded rock quarry which is now a recreational lake for several activities including SCUBA diving.

North Shore

The North Shore is best described as the area within the northeastern part of New Brunswick, and includes the shoreline which borders on Chaleur Bay. The North Shore faces the southern shore of Quebec's Gaspe Peninsula.  Several easily accessed shore dive sites are possible in this area.



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