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"I received my basic open water course this fall. Since then, I have become hooked on the sport of scuba diving. COJO diving is so much more than a dive shop. Joe and Connie both have detailed knowledge of the entire dive industry. I have taken a couple of courses with COJO and they are excellent! The depth of knowledge that they bring to the table is beyond comprehension. Everything thing they teach is presented in a very easy to understand manner. If you go on a dive with them; you will have the time of your life. The entire experience is a blast; not just the bottom time. This is the place to go for Scuba Diving in New Brunswick!" - Michael Cotts, (Fredericton, NB) December 2016
"I moved to New-Brunswick in October 2016, since then, I have been going to COJO Diving to get advice, to take a DM course and buying diving material. They are very professional people. Joe and Connie are passionate about diving and it reflects. I highly recommend this dive shop."  - Pascal Cyr (Moncton, NB) December 2016
"AMAZING EXPERIENCE! On a scale of 1-10 my 9 year old son gave it a million! That pretty much sums it up! Did the bubble maker course with Joe and he had a blast. Joe is, in his words "so cool"! He certainly has a way with children and it shows he LOVES what he does. His enthusiasm is infectious! We cannot wait to do more diving with COJO! Thanks so much Joe & Connie!" - Gary, Deline & Matt Forward (Fredericton, NB) July 2016
"Liam participated in the Seal Team training this spring and loved it. The staff (Connie and Joe) were spectacular to deal with as parents, and the kids loved them! Liam can't wait until the fall to do the specialty classes and help with the upcoming Seal Team classes." - Andrew Burtt, May 2016
"We moved to New-Brunswick in July 2015, since then, we have been going to COJO Diving at least once a week, to get advise, to buy gear and to go diving. They offer excellent training for recreational and tech diving as well. Their courses are amazing. Our 10 year old nephew took the PADI Seal Team course and he can't wait to go diving again. Very professional people and even in cold water, the dives are amazing. Joe and Connie are passionate about diving and it reflects in the way they teach, and dive.
We highly recommend COJO DIVING, WOO HOO!!!" -
Jean-Michel Liboiron and Angelika Thalib (Burton, NB) April 2016
"...It was obvious from listening to Joe lecture on the logistics and importance of (Ice Diving) safety that he is very knowledgeable and puts safety above everything else. The lecture was both interesting and informative which is leaving me very excited to dive under the ice on Sunday - Can't wait" - M. Payne (Bathurst, NB) February 2016
"What does it say about instructors when the student is willing to travel 5,000 km to take their course? Everything! For me, COJO is one of the country’s best in diving. Their dive sites are teeming with a spectacular diversity of marine life, this comes without saying. Their thousands of hours of diving experience, however, makes COJO the instructors of instructors, and makes me a very privileged apprentice. I will keep finding excuses to travel across the country to dive with COJO and their welcoming and caring “school” of divers in New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy!" - Petr Komers (Calgary) September 2015
"I first met Connie and Joe George of COJO Diving in the summer of 2013 during a dive trip to Deer Island in Bay of Fundy.  I crossed paths with Joe again, while in Ontario for work this summer.  We went for a couple of dives while there.  During this time I was looking for new gear.  He took the time to find the gear that not only suits me and my dive style but also the stuff that I wanted. Once gear was figured out he took the time to get the measurements to customize it to me.  Connie and Joe were able to measure me for the suit while being 2 provinces apart. When I arrived at their shop a few weeks later they had all the gear ready for me. After checking over everything the only that needed to be changed was my underwear bottoms which got ordered and arrived less than a day later.  Joe used his extensive knowledge of diving to greatly improve my diving skills while teaching me how to use the dry suit I had bought safely." - Miki Horodyski (Ontario) July 2015
"Finished my PADI self-reliant diver/ SDI solo diver course with Joe George of Cojo Diving. Worked on a lot of skills required for solo diving or be more self reliant in buddy teams. It was the most challenging course I have done so far and was totally worth it." - Matthieu Truchon (Kingston, Nova Scotia) July 2015
"Helen Keller wrote that "Life is either a great adventure or it is nothing". I know the team at COJO diving really believe this.  I just finished the Normoxic trimix course where I had the chance to dive to 200 feet! The training for this course was extensive, with great emphasis on safety and fun. But this shop is not only about technical diving. There are diving programs and projects for everyone's interests. And everyone is treated with the same respect; whether you're just starting or looking for the next great adventure! Awesome job, thanks COJO!" - John Prendergast (Fredericton, NB) June 2015
"..it has been a dream of mine to scuba dive since the age of 15.  This year I am going to the Bahams for a vacation and wated to scuba while I was there so I signed up.  It has been a few days since the last dive and I am still thinking about it.. and all I want to do is do it again.  Thank you so much Joe and Matt for taking me scuba diving."  - Malcolm Mulligan (Fredericton, NB) February 2015
"I haven't been diving for almost 20 years & had the opportunity when my son did the Discover Scuba Diving with his Scouting group.  I sat in on the lecture & loved Joe's way of working with the kids.  When we got into the pool tonight it was awesome!  Loved watching my son learn how to Dive & loved being able to get the tank on again!!  It was awesome!!!  Forgot how good it was to be underwater!! Hope my son wants to do it again soon!"   - Colleen D. (Fredericton, NB), January 2015
"Just finished up the second dive.  WOW.  The marine life at the (Deer Island) Campground site rivals anything I've seen in the BVI"Eric Chisholm (Saint John, NB), September 2014
"I would like to express my gratefulness for the wonderful diving experiences with my two adult children provided by COJO Diving.  We completed our open water certification with Joe and Matt on August 4th at New River Beach Provincial Park, and went to Deer Island on August 23.  Joe and Connie were more than accomodating to all our needs as newly certified divers.  The kids are still talking about how awesome everything was underwater.  We all look forward to our next dive with COJO."Daniel Collette (Dieppe, NB), August 2014
"I am very thankful for accommodating my crazy schedule which did not leave me with the flexibility to find a time for the dive... You went out of your way to make my dive happen. Matt (Towns) is an amazing, caring and professional dive master. And it was all rewarded with a truly amazing experience. I am still sitting here recycling the images and experiences in my head.  I am hoping to come to NB several more times in the next few years, and I am very seriously considering doing the advanced certification with you guys." - Petr Komers (Calgary, AB), August 2014
"I want to thank you again for arranging for Matt to serve as DM/guide  for me.  He is very good.  His dive briefings, including compass  bearings, were very thorough and the dives unfolded exactly as he  described.  I felt that I was in good hands.  On top of that he is a  very nice fellow. I would use him again in a heartbeat.  The dives  were very memorable, especially the Point.  I couldn't believe the  density of marine life at 94 fsw" - Denny Chasteen, August 2014
 "Thanks Matt Towns for being such an awesome instructor!! My 14 year old daughter and I attended the DAN Basic Life Support: CPR and First Aid course this afternoon at COJO Diving. Super informative and very well run class! Highly recommend it and it makes a great parent/kid outing too!" -  Shelley Prendergast (Fredericton, New Brunswick), August 2014
"The Bell Island wrecks are a group of transport ships sunk by U-boats off the coast of Newfoundland and some of the world’s most fascinating dive sites. This latest expedition was organized by COJO diving using the charter services of Ocean Quest.  Among a series of incredible wrecks, the Rosecastle stands out as the best dive I have ever made. Incredibly, off the stern of this ship still lies an unexploded Nazi torpedo.  With Joe and Connie, at about 150 few we found the torpedo in incredibly clear water.  As you can appreciate, this depth is beyond the recommended limit for recreational diving.  However, thanks to the very complete training from COJO, this dive was made on trimix with all the obligatory decompression stops. I find it amazing that a few years ago as an open water diver, I could never have imagined a chance to take part in such a great adventure.  I would venture to say that no one else in the Maritimes is qualified to teach these skills. Thanks again COJO, not only for organizing such amazing trips, but by providing the training to push our limits." -  John Prendergast (Fredericton, New Brunswick), July 2014
"Hey everyone, I just wanted to take the time to review the latest trip organized by Connie Bishop and  Joe George to Newfoundland with the best dive charter in Canada; ocean quest, owned by Rick Stanley. Joe and Connie spent a lot of time planning the trip and, like always, made sure we had all the information and were prepared for each dive. One thing that sets cojo apart from  other ops is that they really spend quality time planning out the details of each dive, and you feel very confident as a result. Joe, like always, is a pile of fun to dive with and talk to, making surface intervals a blast, and just watching Connie dive will inspire you to be a better diver, with rock solid skills and perfect control. I couldn't be happier with any other dive op and I'd recommend them for any other trip they plan. Also, oceanquest is amazing. You feel like part of the family when you walk through the door, and I'd easily pay double what they charge for the time I had! Great staff, great owners, great service and one of the most fun weeks I've ever had." - Greg Best (Oak Bay, New Brunswick), July 2014
"Wow, I just finished another excellent COJO course, top end from the classroom and the dives in the sometime challenging Bay of Fundy. Two years ago I thought I'd only dive on the odd tropical trip. Now these guys have me (and so many others) hooked on some many different kinds of diving from recreational (which is a blast!) to advanced technical/cave or trimix dives (which are also a blast!), none of these very cool experience would be possible without the incredible (and complementing) team of Connie and Joe. What's next?? Thanks for offering these incredible courses!" - John Prendergast (Fredericton, New Brunswick), May 2014
"Just a few words on my recent training experience at COJO Diving.  Professional, well taught, and thorough.  Not to mention the extra time Joe took to make sure I understood the material, gear set up, and the skills.  As well as learning a lot, I also had fun.  Connie and Joe love to dive, and it shows. " - Scott Holland (Saint John, New Brunswick), May 2014
"Had a great time on the Intro to Wreck Diving course! Class time was fun and the dives were great. I feel very confident in my ability to tackle this now. Thanks! " - Eric Paquet (New Brunswick), July 2013
"Wow, what a fantastic Wreck diver course! As usual, anything done at COJO is done well with tons of extra teaching as well as some of the most exciting dives I've ever enjoyed. Every course that is offered opens new exciting areas of diving. And as always safety and fun are top priorities. Thanks COJO!" - John Prendergast (New Brunswick), July 2013
"I would like to give a big thanks to Joe and Connie. Between the 2 of them, they have surpassed service any where else I have encountered. I just recently bought a dry suit for my 13 year old son. I had some reservations due to my son's growth. With Connie's expertise and knowledge, she was able to order a suit that he could grow into without being to bulky. I am very pleased with that level of service. COJO diving seems to be all about safety and the diver. When the suit came in, my son received a 2hr orientation to teach him how to use and care for the suit, this is amazing. As well as the 2hr orientation, Joe is taking him in the open water for 2 dives to learn how to use the suit. In my eyes , this is a level of customer satisfaction that I have not seen here. Keep up the good work COJO." - Jim Penney (New Brunswick), June 2013
"I am a 49 yr old paraplegic. Recently was invited to tryout scuba diving. I admit, being disabled & afraid of the water, I was apprehensive but my wife talked me into it. I am so happy I did it. Joe George and his team not only are professional, well experienced but make you feel safe & very relaxed, esp. with his crazy sense of humour. I loved every minute of it. For anyone, esp. disabled, I highly recommend COJO diving. You will never regret it. The only regret is never trying" - Roger Lewis (New Brunswick), March 2013
"I needed the Oxygen provider course in a pinch and I truly feel it was fate I found COJO Diving. Not only did they help me out, they provided top notch training and advice! I love how they focus on the dive community instead of trying to sell you something! They truly LOVE to dive! I would trust Joe and Connies advice over anyone else in the province...hands down! Thanks Cojo, I will be back from Australia in a couple years and you will be my new stop for ANYTHING dive related!" - Chelsea Pasch (New Brunswick), January 2013
"I recently bought an excellent drysuit from Joe and Connie. What is not mentioned on the website is it included a free drysuit course and checkout dive!! I don't know anyone that provides this level of customer service anymore, fantastic! " - John Prendergast (New Brunswick), December 2012
"In Oct 2012 I completed the DAN Emergency O2 and Enriched Air(Nitrox)Courses. These courses were instructed by Joe at COJO Diving and I want to convey that Joe's understanding of the material, his professionalism, passion, zeal, integrated with his abilty to instruct made the courses interesting, and pleasurable to learn. They were taught at a level of understanding that promoted easy learning, The courses provided a plethora of dive situations and examples and emulated the importance for diving safely. I encourage all to consider undertaking courses from COJO Diving - "You won't regret it" - Chris Neadow (New Brunswick), November 2012
"We went diving with Connie on Deer Island and this was fantastic. We saw plenty of colorful anemones, lobsters, starfish, urchins, pouts and even the great Atlantic wolffish! Guides were also very friendly, they knew the diving site very well and were concerned with our security. We recommend COJO diving to everyone wanting to dive in Fundy Bay" - Geneviève, Catherine and Arianne Savoie Dugas (Québec), September 2012
"Quite simply the best, friendliest and most knowledgable dive shop I've ever seem. Connie and Joe seem to know everyone, and make even newcomers feel welcome. The teaching is fantastic. I took the nitrox course and not only did I get thorough instruction, but a sore face from laughing. Their passion about diving comes through loud and clear. Thanks guys. John" - John Prendergast (New Brunswick), September 2012

"I honestly can say that this shop is the best place to go if you want the gear that's just right for you, good prices, and quality service...not to mention great friends and free coffee. Connie and Joe are fantastic people, and willing to help with anything, answer any questions (even stupid ones), and give you the gear you really want and need. It has been a pleasure doing business with them and I am honoured to be able to say that they are one of the first to guide me on my way towards a lifetime goal of protecting the seas." - Katie Flowers (New Brunswick), July 2012

"A friend and I went diving with Joe at Beaver Harbor on June the 16th, we are both fairly new to the sport so we wanted someone that would stick with us and Joe was awesome. We had a great dive, we seen lots of lobster, crabs, some starfish and some sculpin fish. Looking forward to diving with Joe again." - Stephen Schwartz (New Brunswick), June 2012

"I have now worked with Joe on two separate occasions to help with setting and maintaining moorings at my home in Mactaquac. Joe was fantastic to work with! Highly recommend." - Kevin Pegler (New Brunswick), June 2012

"Hey everybody. I've just finished a marine knots course with Joe. It was a very informative course in knot tieing, rigging equipment, lifting techniques, and crane signals. With lots of other great information. With Joe's patience, I fumble through the knots to have a novice understanding.  With some much needed practice and the information and guidance that Joe provided, I will be capable in marine knots. Thanks Joe, I'm looking forward to learning so much with you and can't wait for my open water course." - Ellsworth Kennard (New Brunswick), May 2012

"I just finished the nitrox course with Joe, and I have to say, it was another great experience with cojo diving. In such a small diving community of New Brunswick, both Joe and Connie know exactly what to do to create a great experience with training, in store sales, and having a great time diving. Pick cojo if you're looking for a a comfortable place to ask questions and learn from people who are more in love with diving than making money.
5 stars - best dive shop in eastern Canada by far." - Greg Best (New Brunswick), May 2012

"If you want to learn how to dive or refresh your skills or even learn some new ones COJO is the place to go. I have been a diver since 2005 but because of moving and going back to school I was not able to dive as much as wanted and became a bit rusty. I heard about Joe George and diving at Deer Island and he invited me out for a dive. Well what an encounter, not only was I amazed at the marine life at Deer Island but I was blown away by Joe and his over 3000 dives. He has such a great wealth or knowledge and has helped streamline my gear configuration as well as making me a safe diver. Since then I have had many more dives with him and each time I learn something new as well as have a blast doing some fun diving. Joe has helped me to experience new types of diving including drift diving which is like flying. If you’re interested in diving or just want to get back into it you’re in good hands with COJO." - Alan Fewkes (New Brunswick), April 2012

"After completing my open water certification I, as most, was excited to “dive” into the new world of scuba. Unfortunately, in my area of the Upper St. John River Valley there are very few folks who dive. After nearly a year, and logging only 8 dives, I found myself second guessing my decision to continue diving. So on New Year’s Eve 2011, I’m sitting in front of computer and wondering if there is anyone in NB doing a celebratory new year’s dive. After punching this in Google, I come across a company called COJOs scuba, only 75kms, away that is doing one of these dives. So I look at all the fun photos contained on the Facebook site and decide, “I gotta at least send an email to COJOs to see what they’re all about.” Almost immediately I receive a reply from Joe George inviting me down for coffee to the shop to talk scuba and show me their shop. So I decide, what could it hurt to drive 75kms to at least check them out. After stepping in and meeting Connie Bishop, she kindly shows me the way to the shop and then I meet Joe George. After introductions, I immediately find myself amazed at all the photos on the walls, the professional environment and Joe’s pleasant demeanor. To a green diver like me it was like hitting the jackpot! All the dive stories (with photos to prove) simply amazed me. Since meeting the COJO folks, I’ve been invited to a sea life seminar, found a dive shop that can more than meet my scuba needs, whether its equipment rental, tank fills, equipment purchase or any kind of training under the sun. I wasn’t quite prepared for what came next; he asks me if I would like to join him for a dive on Deer Island. Absolutely, I haven’t been in the water since August 1st. Joe asks I’m available to visit the shop to see my gear I have purchased thus far and to see what I need to rent to get in the water. After telling Joe I’ve only made one open water dive on my new BC, and that I fought with my Buoyancy continuously during that one dive, Joe offers to help me fix this issue. After all the tips and weight adjustments made, it feels like a different BC. Not to mention I feel much more confident in myself. I could go on longer, but the bottom line is this company and the folks running are the real deal. If ever you considered diving or are a seasoned veteran, at least check it out, you won’t be sorry!! " - Billy Lee (New Brunswick), January 2012

"As I was telling (Connie) I work for a dive shop down here and lead dives. It was so nice to be able to follow some one of your caliber for a change. Lisa and I did one more dive on Sunday for sixty-five minutes following your advice and had another great dive. I was talking about and sharing photos of the dive with a friend of mine who writes the monthly articles for are dive club (Metro-West Dive Club). We are planning on doing an article on our dives on Deer Island, what we saw and the timing of tides for the dives. One of the most important things I tell my students and customers that if they are diving some were new it is always prudent to dive it first with people that are familiar with the site and how to dive it. So I hope you don't mind but I plan on mentioning COJO Diving as the ones to see when diving Deer Island.  Thanks again for the great dive and looking forward to the next time," - James Guertin, (MA, USA), September 2011

"Had a chance to dive in the Bay of Fundy off Deer Island with Joe just a few days ago. The weather was perfect and we did some fantastic dives. Cojo is a great operation and I would strongly recommend them to any diver planning to visit New Brunswick. Big thanks to Joe and Connie!" - Ian Carter - TDI Instructor Trainer, (NFLD), September 2011

 "Deer Island can be a tricky dive to plan (but well worth it) and we were thankful to have Joe guide us to the right spots at the right time. He was very professional and very safe guide which was appreciated but above all, he knows the sites extremely well. The only issue we ran into was we only were down for a single day of diving - that will be remedied next time. Thanks Joe!" - Cuyler Dingwell, (PEI), August 2011

"Thank you for a fantastic dive at Deer Island, Connie.  I am a PADI OWSI and am not used to being the customer on a guided dive, but after all the planning and timing, having a guide was the safest and best part of the dive, you showed me everything to see. I ended up having 45 photos of different amazing creatures, I cant believe how abundant the marine life was. Thank you for your expertise and tailoring the dive to my interests." - Samantha Hamilton (Nova Scotia), July 2011

"Recently did an inactive diver program with COJO at Atlas Park in NB. I appreciated the relaxed and safety first atmosphere throughout the weekend. First class outfit, thanks Joe and Connie!" - Paul Roy (Bathurst, NB), June 2011

"Thanks Connie and Joe for a great introduction to Canadian diving at Deer Island, it was amazing and Bernd and I will go back to the UK with very fond memories - my best bit, the gravity defying 'lobster'-walk on the night dive ;) Have a great time in NF!" - Sally Reid (UK), June 2011

"Thank you so much for helping me retreive my mooring. It was a bit of a mess and you handled it with no problems. I had attempted to have a recreational diver work on it and that just didn't go well. What a difference working with a commercial diver. Well done to you, Joe!. I hope you enjoyed swimming with our Newfoundland Dog..."    - Kevin Pegler (Fredericton, NB), June 2011

"I really enjoyed taking the rescue diver course from Joe this winter.  Joe puts great care in preparing the course, and the many real life examples were very helpful in learning the material… also Joe’s passion for diving and teaching really made for a fun and effectivelearning environment.  I have to say the rescue course is the best dive course I have ever taken… and it has helped me become a better diver.  I had delayed taking this course for far too long, glad I finally did.. and would encourage every diver to do the same!  Also, I love the little fishy snacks but they are a bit addictive.. :)"  - Claire LeBlanc, March 2011

"Just completed the Oxygen Provider Course with Joe. Good job Joe, course was well taught, many laughs, great teaching atmosphere... Thanks"   - John Lowther, March 2011

 "I really enjoyed the rescue diver course. The skills that I learned will make me a more confident diver. Looking forward to the next course!!" - Hugh Crammond, February 2011

"Just wanted to thank you for the computer nitrox course that you taught.  During the course you brought up a lot of interesting points that I had never considered before.  Also, your years of diverse diving experience really showed through your interesting and pertinent anecdotes.  Your videos and pictures were very fun to watch too.  Thanks again" -  Shawn Thompson, SDI Master Diver, 15 Nov 2010

''I had a blast diving Deer Island with Joe and Connie. Deer Island is amazing!! So much sea life down there. It's a shame that only a few people get to experience it. Overall, Joe and Connie were very helpful in preparing me for the dives. They are both great and I'm certainly going to dive with them in the future!'' - Dave Laurie, Fredericton, NB (August 23, 2010)

'"Thanks to Joe and Connie for a great dive- perhaps we can dive with you next summer and see the rest of the good stuff under Deer Island." - Dave Waller, Boston MA, (July 30, 2010)

''We loved our diving experience, the guided dives were great, we saw amazing marine life and we had fun with Joe and Connie.'" - Marissa Wozniak, Boston MA (July 3, 2010)

''Deer Island certainly does not have much to envy those other 'exotic' diving destinations. The marine life is as good, sometimes better, as in many places I have seen down south. The wall is covered with fish, beautifully colored anemones, star fish, lobsters, wolfish, nudibranchs and more. To add to the experience were two very knowledgeable guides, Connie and Joe, who made my dives easy, fun and safe (and the after dives entertaining...).'' - Hervé Arseneau, Beresford, NB - ACUC Rescue Diver (January 26, 2010)

"In an environment as challenging as the Bay of Fundy you may not get a second chance if you mess up. Make sure your guide knows their stuff. I felt totally at ease and that Joe and Connie were in control at all times. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to dive Deer Island." - Angela Trenholm, Halifax NS - PADI Dive Master (January 26, 2010)

"During the summer of 2009 I was fortunate enough to be able to dive the Bay of Fundy on a recent trip... As a recently certified diver and because I was unfamiliar with the local waters I contacted some local divers to (literally) point me I the right direction!  Joe and Connie were most gracious and helpful replying to my email inquiries prior to our departure. Upon arriving in NB it only took a quick phone call to make the final arrangements to meet up on Deer Island. This lovely little island and the waters around it are surely one if the best kept dive secrets in Canada, perhaps even North America. With Joe and Connie's vast experience and patience my dives were an amazing experience! The diversity of the marine life made me think I was in the Caribbean where I was certified! It was only the chilly water that played with this illusion. Still, even diving wet, I was comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed myself! As beautiful as they are, these waters with their strong current and the worlds highest tides are not to be toyed with. In any new Scuba experience it is best to seek the advice of local divers. In these waters, not doing so could very quickly place you in serious danger. Just knowing the exact location and time window to enter and exit the water is critical. Joe and Connie were the perfect couple for this. At no time, even with my limited experience, did I feel unsafe or out of my comfort zone. This is due to their experience, expertise and patience.
Thanks for making my first maritime diving experience as memorable and as pleasant as the other divers I met! If you are ever in the area, look them up and enjoy!" - Rob Cross, Arnprior, ON - PADI Open Water Diver (January 25, 2010)

''Just finished taking my deep diving course with Joe. What a great time. Joe sure makes you feel so relaxed which makes the learning process much easier. I am so impressed that Joe is more interested in developing safe divers as he stresses this though out the course. Although I still consider myself only a novice diver every course I take with Joe enriches my diving abilities and I hope will make me a good dive buddy for someone. I would strongly encourage anyone wishes to take any diving courses to consider Cojo Diving. '' - Dan Austin, Hampton, NB - SDI Deep Diver (July 19, 2010)

'"I decided to complete my basic open water scuba course, so I could go diving with my husband who was already qualified. I signed up without knowing too much about scuba diving. Joe did and excellent job teaching the theory during the classroom portion. In the pool my first few weeks were quite challenging, and I was having some trouble mastering some of the mask clearing skills and my confidence levels were low. Joe really took the time to help me out individually and that gave me enough confidence to succeed on the course. I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend in Halifax for our open water dives, applying all of our newly developed skills, and it was amazing to see all the life there is in the ocean!! If you are thinking about taking this course, I highly recommend Joe as your instructor!"
- Amy St. Onge, Oromocto , NB - SDI Open Water (July 20, 2010)

"I had the pleasure of taking a Deep Diver Course in late October with Joe George. I met up with Joe at Deer Island New Brunswick in late October for an experience that I would not soon forget. We started with the classroom work. This consisted of lectures, slide presentation and knowledge. Joe is very knowledgeable and experienced and was able to take the course material and apply it to the conditions that we deal with in Eastern Canada. Once the class room session was over we went directly into our first dive of the course. At the site Joe gave a very detailed account of what skills we will be doing as well as a very detailed outline of the bottom and what there is to see here and current conditions. We entered the water, went to the required depth and completed the tasks that were required. After that, Joe and Connie led me a on tour that to this day, I have not forgotten. A positive experience to say the least. I was unable to do the second dive due to a head cold but the experience has left with great memories and I am looking forward to completing my course this summer and taking some more courses with Joe in the very near future. Joe is a experienced, professional, detailed SCUBA Instructor that has increased my knowledge in a sport I love, and I would (and have) recommended him to other divers that I dive with." - Peter Hammond, Halifax, NS - PADI Open Water Staff Instructor (January 25, 2010)

"Just finished the VIP course with Joe, Would like to say thanks, it was very well taught and really well put together course. Thanks for the training. Cheers." - Chris Hanrahan, Oromocto, NB

"Hey Everyone. Just wanted to let everyone know I just finished my Nitrox course with Joe. Joe was really good at teaching and helped me understand a lot of concepts I was having difficulty with. I would really encourage anyone considering taking the course to consider Joe. I also sense a real sense of care in Joe’s teaching as he really wants’ to teach people to not only to really enjoy diving but to do so as safe as possible. Thanks Joe, I look forward to taking my courses with you." - Dan Austin (26 March, 2010)


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