Our Dive Team


Connie Bishop (Owner/PADI IDC Staff Instructor)

Connie has been diving in the Bay of Fundy since her Open Water checkout dives over 20 years ago.  She enjoys marine life and underwater photography, has contributed to several magazine publications with her marine life photography, and maintains a photo website to share what she sees.  Connie enjoys teaching Basic Open Water courses through advanced and specialty diver courses.  Connie is often working the retail store and is also the office manager.


Joe George (Chief Instructor, Instructor Trainer)

Joe has been diving for over 20 years, and has over 10 000 dives as a commercial, public safety, military, recreational and technical diver. Joe has been an instructor in New Brunswick since 2007, and enjoys teaching all levels of divers from Basic Open Water through advanced skills to Technical Diving, and specialty skills such as Sidemount Diving, Public Safety Diving, and Commercial Prep programs.  He is the only TDI / SDI Instructor Trainer and DAN Instructor Trainer in the Maritimes!  Joe has also written two books on diving.

Professional Team - Northern New Brunswick

Our professional team located in Northern NB, primarily support training offered at the Bathurst Aquatic Center and Atlas Park, Pointe-Verte.  Training is available in both French and English.


Jason DeGrace (PADI Open Water Instructor)

Jason received his Open Water certification in 2011 and frequently dives at Atlas Park and the Bay of Chaleur.  He received his Advanced Diver and Rescue Diver certifications in 2016 and earned his PADI Divemaster certification with COJO Diving in 2017.  Jason completed his PADI Instructor program in September 2018.  Jason is a regular at events and training activities in Northern New Brunswick, and working with COJO at Atlas Park in Pointe-Verte.

Professional Team - Central and Southern New Brunswick

Dr. John Prendergast (PADI Open Water Instructor)

John is a PADI open water scuba instructor with an interest in local as well as tropical, technical and cave diving. John is also a physician with advanced training in dive medicine and is registered with the Diver Certification Board of Canada. 


David Estey (PADI Open Water Instructor)

David joined the COJO team in 2018 as a PADI Divemaster, and is interested in local as well as tropical diving. David has a strong background in engineering and law and brings a unique perspective to his training programs with students.  David completed his PADI Instructor program in September 2018. 


Randal Torpe (PADI Open Water Instructor)

Randal has been diving since 2003. He enjoys both Caribbean locations and Canadian cold water diving. Randal became a PADI Divemaster to give back to this sport that he enjoys so much, and completed his Instructor course in 2023 with COJO.


Nick Faryna (PADI Open Water Instructor)

Nick has been a PADI Divemaster with COJO for many years and is often helping at the pool with Discover Scuba and Open Water Diver sessions.  Nick completed his Instructor course in 2023 with COJO. 


Claire LeBlanc (PADI Divemaster)

Claire joined COJO as a PADI Divemaster in 2013.  Claire has been working with us for a few years as a Rescue Diver, and enjoys helping out with the pool and open water training dives.  Claire took up underwater photography and has quite a collection of photos from the Bay of Fundy!  She is happy to help out, and answer any questions you may have in English or en français!


Veronique Lavoie (PADI Divemaster)

Veronique joined COJO as a PADI Divemaster in 2020.  She is happy to help out, and answer any questions you may have in English or en français!


Jacques-Andre Doucet (PADI Divemaster)

Jacques has been certified as a diver for many years, and active diving with COJO since 2014. Jacques enjoys helping divers of all levels!


Isabelle Beaulieu (PADI Divemaster)

Isabelle joined COJO as a PADI Divemaster in 2022.

Francois Ouellet (PADI Divemaster)

Francois joined COJO as a PADI Divemaster in 2022.


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