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Claire  started diving in 1990.  She became hooked in 2005 after discovering the  beautiful sites available on Deer Island, and has been diving regularly  since.  Claire has been certified as an Advanced Open Water diver, Nitrox  Diver, Rescue Diver, Deep Diver, and has just completed her Divemaster  certification in 2013.

Claire  does most of her diving in the Bay of Fundy, including sites on Deer Island, New  River Beach, Beaver Harbour and EastPort Maine.  She has also travelled to  Newfoundland to dive the world famous Bell Island wrecks, and to Cuba, Nova  Scotia, Quebec and Florida for marine life / wreck diving. 

In  August 2010 she purchased an u/w camera (Canon S90 with Ikelite housing) and  discovered a whole new exciting aspect of diving.

Claire  feels fortunate to have been introduced to the local diving, and enjoys every  opportunity to dive in the beautiful Bay of Fundy and to meet up with good  friends for a dive!


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