Wallace Cove

This is an easy entry dive site and can be quite nice when the visibility is good. The bottom has a fair amount of silt though so good buoyancy helps, and recent clear weather conditions. The site is not tide dependent, though entering on the incoming tide is better for easier walk in, and sometimes better visibility. The site can be quite good for macro photography, but look close for the marine life.. it may be covered in silt!


From NB Highway 1, take Exit 60 to Black's Harbour/Grand Manan. Follow signs to the Grand Manan ferry terminal, the entry to the dive site is located at the very back of the parking area for cars lining up for the ferry. Go through the gates and drive right to the back, where the pavement ends. At the back of the parking lot you will be facing the beach you will enter from.


This is an easy dive site with no significant current. One way to dive it is enter at the beach and follow the rocky point of land on the right side, you can follow it right around to a beach on the other side. You can exit there but it is more difficult, or you can return around the rocky point to your original entry point.


Entry is across a beach. On low tide this is a bit of a walk, at high tide the walk is very short. The beach area tends to have a lot of garbage and broken glass (some worn, some fresh shards), watch your footing.  However, it also is a good site for collecting sea glass!


Ranges from 5-10'. It is often very poor visibility, but occasionally it can exceed 10'.


Water temp will range from 38F in the Winter, to 55F in early Fall.


The site can be exposed to storm and tidal surge. Occasional light boat traffic can use the beach to launch small boats. Fisherman and hunters are often in the area, watch our for hunters dressed in camo and shooting ducks. Carry a SMB in case you need to surface away from shore. A light and a whistle is recommended.

Do note where the Grand Manan ferry docks and don't venture that way.


Rocky, Silty


When following the rocky point around to the right, this is fairly easy to do as the bottom is flat away from the point. Use a compass to confirm direction. This site is great for looking at macro marine life... nudibranchs, various sponges, crabs, sculpin or sea raven, sea vase, anemones, lobster, sea stars.  There is also a lot of garbage underwater, and thick silt piles.


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