Beaver Harbour

This is an easy entry dive site and can be quite nice when the visibility is good.

The site has a wide exposure and can be blown out with wind out of North, East or South.  The entry can have strong surge.

The site is not tide dependent, though entering on the incoming tide is better.. easier walk in, and sometimes better visibility. The site can be quite good for macro photography, but look close for the marine life.


From Route 1 in New Brunswick, take the exit for Black's Harbour/Grand Manan Island. Shortly after taking this exit, you will turn left at the sign to Beaver Harbour, taking you onto Route 778. Follow this road (Deadman Harbours Road) through the community of Beaver Harbour, past the harbour. Turn left on to Lighthouse Road (it's across from a cemetary). Follow this road to the end and take the unpaved path to the right, following it to the end of the path.


A small cove with a rocky beach.

This is private land but divers have been welcome to dive here for now, please be responsible and take out your trash. Vehicle access is limited to the first cove, the property owner has blocked the road going to the other beaches.

To the right of the cove, along a wall, there are numerous locations for lobsters to live – shine your light inside a cranny and see the lobster!! To the left of the cove is a sandy bottom with several large boulders. In the sandy portions there are tiny scallops moving about – they look like they are flying off the bottom – and around the boulders you can find sculpins and sea ravens hiding in the kelp. Inside the cove is the perfect place to watch barnacles feeding – the boulders are covered with them.


Access the water from the rocky beach.  Entry will be much easier at or near High tide.


Ranges from 10-20'


32F (Feb-Mar) to 55F (Aug-Sep)


Currents are not a major factor at this site. Storm conditions with a strong northerly/easterly/southerly wind may create some storm surge and lower visibility. Another safety point, if you need to head for the surface for some reason, please make sure you swim in close to the rocky edges of the cove as boats may pass through this dive site. Safety gear including a SMB, whistle and light are strongly recommended.

Caution on diving the site near low tide, as shallow rocky reefs will be exposed and must be carefully navigated around.  Waves and swells can push divers over the rocky reefs and cause injury.


Rocky, sandy


The rocky ledges are home to a wide variety of marine life including crabs, lobster, sea raven, sculpin, anemones, tunicates, nudibranch, brittle star, star fish, slime worms, sponges.  Life is not as concentrated as some other sites, finding critters can take patience.


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