Grand Manan Pettes Cove

Grand Manan is a beautiful island in the Bay of Fundy that is rich in scenery and maritime history. Shore scuba diving is limited to a few quiet coves, but there is the possibility for diving it's many shipwrecks if one has access to a boat. For non-divers, the island boasts a number of hiking trails, whale watching, and other activities.



Traveling from Route 1 in New Brunswick, take the exit at Blacks Harbour onto Route 176, following signs for the Grand Manan Ferry. Take the toll ferry to Grand Manan, reservations are not required on the way over (but are needed on the return trip). Arrive at least one hour before the ferry departure time to line up. Once on Grand Manan, Pettes Cove is just off to the right (eastern side) towards the Swallowtail Lighthouse.


Rocky ledges along the southern and northern edges of the cove are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Parking is available on the road at the southern edge of the cove, please be careful not to block traffic. The site is not tide dependent, but a high or incoming tide makes for a shorter walk and easier swim back to shore. The bottom is sandy, rocky.


Access the water from a path to the southern edge of the roadway.


Ranges from 20-40’


32F (Feb-Mar) to 55F (Aug-Sep)


Currents are not a major factor at this site. Storm conditions with a strong easterly wind may create some storm surge and lower visibility. Another safety point, if you need to head for the surface for some reason, please make sure you swim in close to the rocky edges of the cove as boats may pass through this dive site. Safety gear including a SMB, whistle and light are strongly recommended.


Rocky, sandy


The rocky ledges are home to a wide variety of marine life including sand dollars, crabs, lobster, sea raven, sculpin, anemones, tunicates, nudibranch, brittle star, star fish, slime worms, sponges.