Weight Replacement Program

COJO Diving will replace the lost weights of any COJO Diving customer who purchased weights from COJO, and dropped their weight in a diving emergency situation.

Ensure you are familiar with your own, and your buddies quick release weight system.

Do not overweight, know your weighting and adjust for gear changes, and salt/fresh water diving.

Do not hesitate to ditch your weight to achieve positive buoyancy at the surface in an emergency.

We want to stress the importance in emergency situations to drop weights to establish positive buoyancy on the surface.  In many fatalities (reference DAN Annual Diving Reports) the diver made it to the surface after the initial emergency but was unable to establish positive buoyancy and sank underwater.  Diver’s weights are designed with a quick release mechanism in mind but it is each divers own responsibility to be familiar with it, and to not compromise the ability for the weight system to ditch when needed. Although potentially hazardous to ditch weights at depth, a diver should not hesitate to ditch his/her weights during a dive emergency once at the surface.  On the surface, ensuring a diver has positive buoyancy is the first priority in all emergencies and dropping a diver’s weight system is generally the most effective and easiest way to do so.

Requests to COJO Diving to replace lost weights will only be accepted from certified divers who purchased their weight from COJO Diving.  Weight will be replaced at no cost to the individual but we request consent to publish for educational purposes, a report detailing events and conditions that led to the emergency situation.  Replacement of weight system "pockets" will not be free under the program, but will be offered at a substantial discount.