Rent to Own

What It Is

The COJO “Rent to Own” Program is born from the need for divers to get into their own gear sooner. You’ve already decided the diving sport is awesome and you want to go diving as much as you can! But spending money on rental gear doesn’t allow you to save up to buy your own gear. This program supports your dive habit AND gets you into your own gear sooner!

How It Works

-          You set up an appointment for a gear consultation, and we put together your perfect gear package.

-          We provide you a quote.

-          You pay at least 30% deposit towards your personal “Rent To Own” gear package.

-          Every time you rent items from our awesome rental fleet that are in the same category as your “Rent To Own” package, 100% of those rental fees go towards your gear package!

-          Once you have at least 60% down towards your personal “Rent to Own” package, we’ll order in your shiny new gear for your personal rental use until your package is fully paid!

Program Rules

-          You can swap out at any time on your “Rent To Own” Package, up until we’ve ordered in your package gear.

-          Program can’t be combined with other discounts, promotions or programs.

-          Deposit and rental fees paid on the program are non-refundable.

-          Rental Gear (whether from our rental fleet, or your shiny new gear package) must be returned to COJO within 2 days of the rental, cleaned and dry.

-          You have One Year to fully pay your “Rent To Own” package and own your gear! Any remaining balance after One Year will be charged to you.

-          You can at any time fully pay your “Rent To Own” package to own your gear!

Contact Us to setup your appointment or for more details!