Glove Lock QCP Dry Glove System


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Product Overview

Glove Lock QCP 

Gloves and wrist seals are not included in the set.  One size fits most.


Glove Lock QCP is a heavy duty Dry Glove System for professional-, technical- as well as recreational divers. 

Glove Lock QCP can be used with Quick Cuff for those who wants the possibility to change wrist seals instantly. The Glove Lock QCP can be fitted directly on latex seals also. 




  • Easier than ever - just twist and lock
  • Extremely reliable locking system
  • Accomodating all hands

The system itself consists of eight components per arm:
• Suit Rings
• Glove Rings
• O-rings
• Red, green, blue, yellow and black Spanner Rings

Technical specification


  • Outer diameter: 130 mm
  • Inner diameter: 93 mm
  • The Glove Lock QCP can be mounted directly onto the latex seal of any drysuit or attached to the Quick Cuff attachment platform
  • All necessary attachment components are included in the package