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Product Overview

The AL1300NP & Blue AL250 Dive Light Combo Pack with Rainbow Clip meets a wide range of diving needs, with two dive lights and a rainbow-flashing marker, all depth rated to 328'.

The AL250 is a compact 250-lumen LED light that runs on two AA batteries, turns on and off with a head-twist switch, and shines a tightly focused 8° beam for close-up detail work. The rechargeable AL1300NP LED light delivers a narrow 10° beam with four output levels up to 1300 lumens. Both lights have anticorrosion anodized aluminum housings, and both are suitable for use on dry land.

Bigblue AL1300NP Narrow Beam Dive Light with Side Switch (Black)

Illuminate the underwater world at depths as great as 328' with the Bigblue AL1300NP Narrow Beam Dive Light, offered here in black and featuring an XML white LED with outputs of 130, 325, 650, and 1300 lumens. Power is provided by a 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, which gives the light a runtime of 2 to 20 hours, depending on the brightness setting. The light is controlled by a side-mounted push-button switch.

The beam's narrow 10° angle of coverage makes it a great light for focusing or exploring tight spaces, and its 6500K color temperature restores hues that are absorbed by the water. Built for extreme durability as well as high performance, the light's head and body are made from an aluminum alloy that has been anodized to resist corrosion.

Light Performance
  • Light source: One XML white LED
  • Outputs: 130, 325, 650, and 1300 lumens
  • Runtime: 2-20 hours
  • Narrow, concentrated 10° spot beam is great for focusing and exploring tight spaces
  • 6500K color temperature
  • Side-mounted push-button switch
Construction Details
  • Depth rating: 328'
  • Tempered optical glass lens
  • Color-coded battery indicator
  • Durable aluminum alloy housing
  • Accepts separately sold LH-AL1300WP and LH-Al1300XWP wide-beam light heads
Bigblue AL250 Multifunction LED Light

Light up your path on land or underwater with the blue AL250 Multifunction LED Light from Bigblue. Featuring a 6500K XPG LED light source with an 8° beam angle, this compact 250-lumen illuminator is powerful enough for use as a primary light when diving or doing other outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, running, or fishing. Its aluminum alloy housing features a corrosion-resistant blue anodized finish, while double O-ring seals provide a 328' depth rating. This versatile light supports both alkaline and rechargeable Ni-MH battery chemistries and has a two-hour maximum burn time.

Light Performance
  • 250 lumens
  • XPG LED emitter
  • Color temperature: 6500K
  • Beam angle: 8°
  • Type: Twist
  • Location: Head
  • Twist the head to turn on, twist it back to turn off
Construction Details
  • Depth rated to 328'
  • Aluminum alloy housing
  • Buoyancy: Positive (-3.0 oz with batteries)
  • Corrosion-resistant blue anodized finish
  • Compatible with alkaline and rechargeable Ni-MH battery chemistries
  • Tempered glass emitter window
  • Use on land and water
  • Double O-ring sealed
Bigblue Easy Clip LED Marker Light for Diving

Make yourself visible to other divers in dark conditions with the red Easy Clip LED Marker Light from Bigblue. It has a very low 50-lumen output so it is not distracting, but is bright enough to be seen by others. This light easily clips onto masks, straps, belts, and other gear. It is powered by a standard, non-rechargeable CR2032 lithium coin cell battery, which can last up to 72 hr. Additionally, a lanyard is included to keep the Easy Clip attached to your equipment.