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Five Bells, Job Done (Tony Liddicoat)

Diving since his teenage years, Liddicoat mastered all three categories of diving: commercial, military and recreational. He recounts his progression through these disciplines, managing to mix all three during a career that spanned nearly 50 years. His diving adventures have taken him around the world, to every ocean and to many different lands. He has experienced the extremes of climate and terrain and accepted many challenges, including diving inside a nuclear reactor, placing and detonating explosive charges, searching for bodies in sewers and training new divers on a tropical island.

No stranger to peril, Liddicoat learned that life is too short to hold back, even when writing. "I write with my heart on my sleeve," he says. "Like all lives, there are highs and lows, and I share these times with the reader openly."

As magical as it is frightening, "Five Bells" Job Done captivates readers with its scenery, action and, above all, courage.


Creative Solutions for Technical Divers (Mr Steve Lewis)

This book is not exactly a textbook or a manual giving divers D-I-Y advice on the specifics of technical diving, but it is essential reading for anyone wanting to venture beyond weekend-warrior status. While the six skills include some hard and fast physical guidelines, this book's focus is on the things other diving texts leave out.

Perfect reading material for any level of scuba diver: even those "not interested" in going tech.

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