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Ready to move on to technical sport training programs?

Technical SCUBA training is for the experienced sport diver looking to move on to advanced recreational training programs. The reasons are many for this.. the desire to dive deeper, in overhead environments, or use advanced dive planning with required decompression. The gear requirements change with this level of diving as well, divers are required to use sidemount, manifolded double tanks, or rebreathers; and carry redundant equipment. Emphasis is also now placed on team based diving, contingency gas planning, emergency procedures.

The Introduction to Technical Diving (backmount or sidemount) course is designed for divers who are interested to learn about technical diving, to improve their trim and buoyancy skills, or to streamline their gear configuration.

This is for experienced divers with a minimum of Advanced Diver certification and 25 dives.

A typical course includes one pool session and four open water dives.  Some students may require more time in the water and the course time/cost will be adjusted accordingly.

Note: Equipment Rentals and Air Fills are NOT included in the course fee