Dive Trips


We run recreational dive charters in the Bay of Fundy, based out of St. Andrews NB.  We charter the Fundy Spray, a 50ft converted fishing vessel operated by Huntsman Marine Science Center.  We visit various sites in the bay which may be drift or slack water dives. 

2021 Charter Schedule and Rates

June 19, 2021   Diver $85.00 or Non-Diver $45.00
July 18, 2021 Diver $85.00 or Non-Diver $45.00
Aug 15, 2021 Diver $85.00 or Non-Diver $45.00
Sep 4, 2021 Diver $110.00 or Non-Diver $45.00

* Sep 4 is an extended charter approximately 8 hours for sites like "The Wolves"

Charters are typically 5-6 hours duration and we try to visit 2 different sites per trip.

Our sites are all in the Bay of Fundy and usually within 1-1.5 hrs boat travel from St. Andrews.

We visit various sites around the islands in the Bay, and dives can be on old weir sites, ledges, walls or drifts.  Conditions are suitable for Advanced divers with some experience in cold water diving, low visibility and some current.


Cancellation Policy:

- If you cancel, we don't refund fees paid unless we can fill your spot with another diver.

- If weather/conditions are not suitable for the planned site, we will first seek alternate site(s) before cancelling the charter.

- If we do cancel the charter due to weather/conditions, your fees paid are fully refunded.

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